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I like listening and playing music. I'm thirteen years old.(I will turn fourteen in February.) My dad is a teacher at CIU (Columbia International University.) and my Mom is a nurse practitioner and works night shifts on the weekend.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A New Tradition

Wow, It's been over a month since I've posted. Sorry about that. I've made a couple drafts but none of them actually met my standards.

Recently, my brother, Dad, and I went out to cut down a Christmas tree. We got to the farm and within three minutes had picked out the perfect tree to bring home. My Dad gave me the saw and told me to cut it down and I got down on the ground and started sawing. I was going at the tree pretty well when some older man who obviously worked at the place saw me sawing away at the tree. "Someone go help that young lady cut the tree" he said. I looked up to see what parents would make their daughter cut down a tree when he said, " Oh, that's a boy." Oh, he was talking about me. Come on people. My hair isn't that long. It doesn't even touch my shoulders yet. Well, I decided that I could cut down the tree on my own and told the helpers that I was fine. I had it down about 30 seconds later. My Dad then said, " Lets go pick out a Charlie Brown Christmas tree."

For those of you who haven't seen it, A Charlie Brown Christmas, is one of the best Christmas movies ever made. You have to go see it. Anyways, a Charlie Brown Christmas tree is really small and not very good looking. The fact is that in the movie, it was the only "wooden" Christmas tree and Linas says,"Gosh, Do they still make wooden Christmas trees Charlie Brown?" It's really funny how he says it. So Charlie Brown decides that he's going to take the tree home with him and try and get it a part in the Christmas play that him and his friends are going to put on. Turns out no one likes the Christmas tree he brought home and they all make fun of him when he brings it in. After that you'll have to go see it because it's beside the point.

So, we pick out the skimpiest Christmas tree we can find and cut it down. We bring both of the trees home and put them up. The next night, my Dad had some of his students come over and we had a Christmas party. We all snacked and talked for a while and then my Mom brought out some ornaments for the tree. The students then decorated the tree and socialized for a bit while I disappeared up to the computer to check my email. When I finished I came down to help finish up the tree, and then we watched, what else but A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Sorry, this is sorta off the point but one of my favorite quotes from that movie is when Linas and Charlie Brown are walking and Charlie Brown starts complaining about how he doesn't feel the Christmas spirit. Linas tells him, "Charlie Brown, you're the only person I know that can take a wonderful time like Christmas and complain about it. Maybe Lucy's right. Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, your the Charlie Browniest." I think that's the coolest thing ever said.

After that we decorated our Charlie Brown Christmas tree. This is the second year we've done this and I really enjoy it. If we do this again next year I can officially call it a tradition but right now it's well on it's way. If it's up to me, we'll keep doing this until I leave for college and I'll keep doing it then and after I leave college. For some reason, A Charlie Brown Christmas, has an extreme impact on the way I look at Christmas and helps me to remember the real reason we celebrate it. It's not to give presents to people or to get the presents. It's to remember that our Savior, Jesus Christ, was born and that this was when he came to earth to begin the process of saving us from our sins. In a couple of months, we will celebrate the day that ends that process and ensures those of us who believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and to give us eternal life with his and our father in heaven, but now it is time to celebrate his birth.

"For behold, I bring you tidings of great joy. For unto you a savior is born. And this will be a sign, the savior is a babe, dressed in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger."

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Saturday, October 07, 2006


The other night, I went tailgating with my church. I was making plans with a friend I hadn't seen in several months to meet up at the foot ball game. I was really excited. She was bringing some of her friends that I didn't know and I was eager to hear about how she had been doing at her new school. I called her on my cell phone 20 minutes before the game to find out where she was and where we should meet. While I was dialing her number, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I spun around and wouldn't you know it, she was right there. She was with one of her friends she had met at her school so she introduced us. We exchanged hellos and I took some time to talk to Jessica (my friend I was meeting, obviously). So we hung out in front of the stadium for a while waiting for her other friends and talking about how life was and about new things in our life. About five minutes after we met up, her second friend came. Jessica introduced us. We waited for Brianne's boyfriend to come (her first friend) and then we headed up to the stands. We sat where Jessica said she always sits so that her boyfriend could find her. We hung out in the stands until her boyfriend came and then sat down to talk and watch the game. I did some catching up and tried to meet everyone there and catch up with what the people were like and get to be friends. It was pretty fun. Sarah and I, (Sarah was Jess's second friend) had a couple things in common. We knew only Jessica. We talked a lot because everyone else was talking to people they knew so we decided to talk. It had already been a night of new people and friends, new and old, and we weren't even past the first quarter yet.

Right before the half time show began, I saw another friend, her name was Annna, who I hadn't seen in several months. This was a friend I hadn't expected to see. Anna walked across the bleachers in front of me not even noticing I was there. I called out her name and she looked up, smiled, and ran up and gave me a hug. We talked for a little while and I asked her if one of our mutual friends, Scottie, was there at the game. He was. She pulled me off the bleachers, I told my other friends I'd be back and we ran off to see Scottie. I went and sat with them through the half time show and decided I needed to head back to my other group. I told them I'd try and come back and see them if I could and I said good bye.

I got back to my seat and started hanging out with my friends again. Our convesation made it to someone I never would have expected it to lead to. I asked Jessica if she had met a guy named Colden at her school and she said that she hadn't but Brianne had asked her the same question just a little bit before I had. I asked Brianne if she knew him and she said yes and asked how I knew about him. I told her he had been my next door neighbor from when i was three to second grade. I hadn't seen him since 5th grade so I asked her if she thought he would be at the game. She told me he would be, so I kept an eye out for him.

The rest of the game went by pretty uneventfully. The home team lost sadly but it was sorta expected. We got up and left the stands. We were outside of the stadium and everyone was saying goodbye's, when Brianne got my attention. She said, "hey Jack, Colden's right over there." I looked to where she was pointing and there he was. I hadn't seen him in four years but he looked the same as ever. I yelled out his name and he looked at me. He looked confused for a second, like he recognized me but didn't know who I was, and then he realized it was me. "Jack! Long time no see! What's it been? 4 years?" We got a handshake in said hi and goodbye and left. I was really excited. I had seen a bunch of friends I had never expected to see and met a lot of new friends. It had been a good night and I was ready to tell everyone who would listen about it.

Unlike my other posts, this post doesn't really have a morale or a deep meaning, this is just like a journal entry. It had been an important night for me and I wanted to make sure I never forgot it so I blogged it. So this is my post. I hope you liked it.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

From the Eyes

Well, I think this is the first post I've published as a 9th grader. High school is pretty fun. I still see a lot of my friends and we still hang out a lot and for some reason the football games are a lot more interesting this year. It's fun to watch our team go and win a bunch of games. While I've been in high school, I've been really busy so I haven't been able to blog as much as I would have liked. I know I've said this before but I'm gonna try and get back in the habit of blogging at least twice a week.

Since I've been in high school, a lot of things have changed. I've actually had to start studying for tests, I'm working harder on school work and home work than I have in a long time, and I've been getting more involved in church and with friends. I've made some new friends at school and It's good to realize I can spend time with them as well as my friends from middle school. Some of my friends are a little crazy and some are normal. Some are boys and some are girls. Some are smart and some still ask for my help with homework every time they see me.

Yesterday, while hanging out in study hall, I was hanging out with some of my friends and one of my friends that is a girl and crazy and still asks for my help on homework, started talking to a friend who is a guy and crazy and is smart. During the conversation John noticed that Jennifer wasn't looking him in the eyes when she talked. When he asked her why, she said that she felt uncomfortable talking to anyone while looking into their eyes. John thought this was interesting and told her that he liked to look into peoples eyes when he talked. He also said that he could pretty much sum a person up by looking into their eyes for about a minute. She thought this was freaky and stopped talking to him for a while.

When he laughed, I asked him if he really could and he said yes. I wasn't surprised, I can tell a few things from a persons eyes. I asked him to look into my eyes and see how much he could see. He looked straight through my eyes and told me after a minute, " done. You're a christian, you like music, you're always there for your friends, you work hard in school, and your trying to learn guitar." This was scary. Everything he said was true. I thought that he would be able to do that but not accurately. I looked back into his eyes and tried to see as much in him as he could see in me. Most of what I got was stuff I already knew but I think it was pretty cool that his eyes could tell me as much as they did. I could tell he was observant (obviously) he was caring, faithful, I couldn't tell if he was a christian but he defiantly could be. I could also tell that he was funny, flexible, and ready to help anyone who needed it.

When we tried this experiment, it reminded me sort of what God does. God doesn't look at your outside appearance to determine who you are. God looks at your character and you inside; your heart. Jon was looking into our eyes and could tell some of my character, and not only was it freaky, but it was sort of, I don't know how to say it, but it made me feel , for search of a better word, good. Thats such a horrible word. It made me feel like I was who I was to other people and not just to my self, and that my character could be recognized by someone. I hope you understand what I'm talking about because its a wonderful feeling and it's really hard to explain.

I also wondered during the experiment, if more people looked in to the eyes of everyone else, what kind of world would this be? The answer I came up with was pretty cool. If we all looked at the character of a person, then most likely we would all have friends that could understand us extremely well. We would also be able to see what we wanted to be like and be able to change ourselves much easier.

I hope this all makes sense to you. It makes sense to me but its a really hard thing to explain. If you don't understand it or if you really like it, please leave a comment. They help to keep me blogging.

Thanks for reading another blog.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sibling Rivalry

Well, I know I haven't blogged in a really long time but I have made some drafts that didn't really make the cut. The last time I blogged It was six days until school finished now it's sixteen days until it starts.

As I have gotten older, a lot of things have changed in my life. I've gone from thinking girls have cooties to thinking they are some of the coolest thing's on this earth but they do have some serious thinking issues. I've gone from being the quiet kid in the back of the classroom making A's on all his tests to being the kid who loves to socialize with his friends and amazingly still makes pretty good grades. I've also come from the point of knowing that there are some things that you can be good at and some things that you can't, to thinking I have to be good and better at everything than every one, mainly my siblings.

I didn't used to understand what sibling rivalry meant because I would be good at something and Will, my brother, would be good at something else and that was fine with me. But now as I go into my teenage years, I suddenly feel like I need to be really good at everything he is and be able to prove to my self that I'm better. I know I'm not deep down, but my brain just thinks it.

Yesterday ( and the day before), Will had one of his friends over and Molly had gone to a sleepover. Since I had nothing to do, I hung out with them and had a pretty good time. We played foot ball, smear and spear, and a bunch of video games. Everything we did I tried to do better than everyone else. Sometimes I won sometimes I lost but I finished the days feeling pretty good. Well, before Will's friend went home, my Mom and Dad called all of us out back where a tree had fallen down. my dad was sawing it up and wanted us to lay down bricks so that we could chop up the wood and then stack it on the bricks. My Mom went inside to finish dinner and get ready to go to the gym while Dad kept working on the tree. Well, as soon as my Mom left we started arguing who would be able to chop the wood, cause that's our favorite job. We each thought we should and we spent so much time arguing about it that we forgot that we were supposed to stack the bricks before anything could be done. I finally got the ax and Will got the wedge and hammer.

I cut a couple pieces until I got to a peice that was especially hard and couldn't cut it Will was to it like a bee to honey and hammered the wedge in until it could be broken. Well, after Will chopped the wood I asked for the wedge and hammer so that I could finish that piece of wood and he gave it too me. As I was chopping I was listening to my Ipod and Will thought I couldn't hear him. He was talking to his friend while I was chopping and said, " He just can't stand the fact that I might be better at something." This made me mad because I thought I was better at chopping wood than him but I just couldn't use the wedge. I started hammering faster and harder because I was getting angrier. Now, I'm pretty sure most people have tried hammering accurately and fast and hard at the same time. It doesn't work. Eventually you miss. In my case, I missed before I even got the wedge fully in. I slammed the hammer down and instead of my hammer hitting the wedge, my hand hit the wedge with a force that would have sent the wedge through the piece of wood. It resulted in my right hand middle knuckle bleeding like heck and my right hand pointer finger feeling jammed. I didn't cry ( at first) because it didn't hurt that bad. My pride was hurt more than my body. I ran up to the house to be alone and to get some ice. I sat there having a little pity party and thought to my self. " Does it really matter if he can use a hammer and wedge better than you?" " Of course it does, I'm his older brother, I'm supposed to be better at every thing.", " Well, if you are, then you have a long ways to go cause he's good at a bunch of stuff that you are and you are good at a lot of other stuff. " I finally decide that I don't have to be better at everything, just almost everything ; ) .

I know that Will is really good at something's but I like being better at things than him even though that can't always be. I guess it's just an older brother thing cause my dad said that he remembers when his younger brother was better at something than him he would practice really hard to get good at it too. So like I said, I've come a long way in the past couple years and I'm still learning a bunch of lessons.

Well I've got to go now. I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.


Thursday, May 18, 2006


Well, I'm going to start this off with something completely off topic.... WE HAVE 6 DAYS UNTIL SCHOOL'S OUT!!!! We have 4 days that we are actually in school but it's those days and the weekend until we are out. Then I'm going to be in 9th grade, or highschool! It's gonna be awesome.

Ok now to get back on to topic. Some of you may be wondering what the heck my title means and you shall find out soon enough but first I need to tell about why I chose the title.

Today in school I was talking to a friend of mine who is a girl and a goth. She isn't a hard core goth but she does have some major troubles in her life and is depressed a lot. She was hanging out with some of my other friends today and just having a good time when my friends started talking about a certain girl that they liked. It wasn't my goth friend and it just so happens that the girl that they were talking about wasn't exactly high on her favorite person list. She simply stated her opinion to them about how she didn't like the girl they were talking about and they told her that she was just jealous about how much prettier the other girl was than her. This hurt her incredibly because she, like other people, didn't like hearing that other people are prettier than her, especially someone she doesn't like. She came to her 2nd block class upset and silent. I went to my seat ( which is across from hers) and asked her what was wrong and she kindly told me. At the time I had no idea what to say because I have never had this problem happen with me before. Most of what I hear about are girls that think they are prettier than everyone else and can't figure out why no one likes them. I've never had to encourage and tell a girl why she was prettier than some one else. So at the time, I was silent and couldn't say anything.

When I got home from school I went to my room and started drawing and listening to music. I was listening to the band Switchfoot and jumping around to all my favorite songs and just chillin' when one of my songs finished and went to the song after it. I was about to skip it when I saw the title. It was called "Golden". I couldn't remember what it was about so I decided that I would listen to it and as I listened the song made me think about what happened to my friend today. The song talks about this girl who locks herself in her bed room after staring down the "demons" in her life that tell her she is just another person, just like everyone else. She wonders what her life is supposed to be like and wonders if she can do anything about how her "story goes". It's then that the singer gives her her own book. He tells her " You are Golden, you are Golden child. Don't let go, Don't let go. Youre a lonely soul, in light of broken hearts far from home, you're in the perfect place to be."

I think this is a message that everyone needs to have. You are Golden, you are God's child and he made you as special as everyone else. No one is prettier or more special to him. We are all Golden and we are all special to him. No matter what we do he is there and still loves us. That is what Aureolus means. It is the latin word for Golden, splendid and brilliant. We are aureolus in God's eyes and we all have someone out here on this earth that thinks we are aureolus too.

So I hope you have a wonderful and golden summer.

Thanks for reading and I hope you feel aureolus.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

Well as many of you know, today is Mother's day. Several families around the globe celebrate how wonderful the queen in their family is and everyone celebrates in their own way. My family celebrated Mother's day by trying to show our mom some extreme respect by being practically silent all day. Our mother's day has been this way for the past couple years because of our mom's work schedule. She works every weekend from 7 pm to about 8am and is always extremely tired when she gets home. Because of this schedule, our family really celebrates mothers day on the day after. But we still do a little something for her on the actual holiday.

Today, we all woke up and got ready to go to church when Will thought up a great way to make mom feel special. We would all wear orange to church where we would meet her ( orange is a special color for her and symbolizes several things for her like happiness, freedom, and family). We met her at the church and lined up to hug her and say happy mother's day and then stood back to make sure she could tell what we had done for her. It took her a minute to figure out what we were doing but then she looked at us from a different angle and saw that we were all wearing orange. " aww, you guys... come here.", she said, and gave us all another big hug. We then made her a cup of tea ( yes at the church. we are alowed to use the kitchen in the morning).
Then we talked to her like we always do and then we went off to church, exactly like normal mornings, just a little bit sweeter.

In the youth building, we watched this really funny video about how to treat your mothers and then we had a speaker talk to us about what makes a mother's heart happy. The speaker, Mrs. Mary Brock, told us that the main thing that made a mother's heart happy was a peaceful home and that there were three ways to keep your home peaceful. They were practicing respect, obedience, and I think the other one was forgiveness. ( I personally think that my mom would say that every room in the house needs to be clean in addition to those three things.) So now I am trying to practice these things in order to make my mom's heart happy and I think you should too to give your mother a happy mother's day.

So in tribute to all the mothers all over the world, Thanks for all you do for us kids and happy mother's day.

P.S. go to to see the shortened version of what we saw today in the youth.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Maundy Thursday

When I started this unit sorta thing in studying the bible, I did say that I was going to make some other blogs in between the sections of the over all unit for those of you that didn't like the major unit or just didn't enjoy it as much. This blog is one of those blogs in between the over all unit's sections.

Now for those of you that don't know, today was Mondae Thursday, the thursday before Christ was crucified. It was also the day of The Lord's Supper and the night Jesus washed the feet of the disciples. This was an extremely important night for those reasons, ( and some other reasons but those are the reasons I'm listing ). Also for those of you that don't know, tonight we had a small bible study group at our house. There were several people here and my Dad decided that he would do what he did with our family last year for Mondae Thursday with our bible study. Exactly a year ago, my Dad decided that we would do some things to remind us of what happened that day. He read a passage out of Luke ( I think ) and then went to every one and read a very touching passage to each member of our family and then washed our feet like Jesus would have done to his disciples ( he did this for everyone except Molly, she wasn't there. Oddly enough, she wasn't with us again today because she was and is at a friends house ). After we let this symbolism settle into our hearts we all had a short quiet time with GOD and then had a communion. Like I said, that's how it happened last year.

This year, I was in my room and had no clue of what we were about to do. I was talking on the phone to two of my friends and I was really tired. My Mom suddenly called to me to tell me to come down stairs with her. Me and my brother went and my Dad started the ceremony. This year unlike last year, we had ten people (six extra ). My Dad still washed my Mom's, brother's, and my feet but he let the other three couples wash each other's feet. Afterwards we stilll had communion and I felt like GOD was there with us, trying to break into some of our lives and trying to help other's lives through there problems. After the communion we all talked for a little while and several people expressed there gratitude.

This event meant a lot to everyone and I'm sure that they will remember it for years to come. I must express speacial greatitude to my Dad for all that he has done for me and my family. We all appreciate what he has done and admire him for how close he is with the Lord. Before he read the "touching" passage to me, he whispered to me "Wake up". I was awake but he wanted me to be completely ready for the events that were coming up. He read a part about a journey that we are on and how we are there for one another. Instantly as I heard this line, my mind shot back to the memories of the Grand Canyon trip and how my Fathers ( my earthly father and heavenly Father) were looking out for me. As my mind shot back to the Grand Canyon I know my Dad's mind went with mine because as he read this part of the passage he squeezed my hand in acknowledgement. We talked afterwards about it and I realized that we had really taken the trip back to the Canyon together and that I was right, he was thinking about our trip too. This meant alot to me, that we were that alike and we had experiences that we could share.

I know I've said this before but I'm going to say it and type it now. I really look forward to being a Dad so that I can put some of the same awesome experiences on my kids that my Dad has put on me. This sort of goes back to my blog
" Fathers Legacy" but I think it sort of fits in here too. So anyways, I want to say thanks Dad for the most awesome
child hood/teen hood/ young adult hood you can give me.

I want to take up the next couple paragraphs to type exactly what my Dad told me so that you can sort of see what I was feeling while this was all happening ( of course you will never be able to experience exactly how awesome it was unless your Dad is as cool as mine and can do awesome things like this). So here it is.

Thanks for reading,


" Brother, let me be your servant,
let me be as Christ to you.
Pray that I may have the grace
to let you be my servant, too.

We are pilgrims on a journey,
and companions on the road.
We are here to help each other
walk the mile and bear the load.

I will hold the Christ-light for you
in the night time of your fear.
I will hold my hand out to you,
speak the peace you long to hear.

I will weep when you are weeping;
when you laugh I'll laugh with you.
I will share your joy and sorrow,
till we've seen this journey through.

When we sing to GOD in heaven
we shall find such harmony,
born of all we've known together
of Christ's love and agony."

From the "Celtic Daily Prayer"